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We Are Ranked as Number 6 on the list Of the Biggest Agents in Alexandria and Dekheila Ports According to Numbers of Vessels Calling Port In 2018 out of ~300 Agencies

The local expert with international experience is dedicated to delivering high quality, customized shipping services as quickly as possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the understanding that efficiency and punctuality are key to the success of its clients. By fostering and maintaining strong relationships with local and international contacts, EMCO can guarantee the prosperity of its clients through decreased transit times and high quality of services provided.

EMCO represents the interests and serves the needs of many principals, consequently attending to various kinds of vessels and ships annually through out 11 ports and terminals as well as the Suez Canal. To guarantee the highest level and quality of service, EMCO links with select local and international partners to provide various shipping services to liner container vessels, liner/tramps, and other vessels (tanker, bulk, cargo, cruise, etc.).

EMCO SHIPPING and its sister companies EMCO LOGISTICS and EMCO TRANS are dedicated to providing their clients with the smoothest and most efficient solutions to cargo handling, husbandary matters, suez canal transit, frieght forwarding, and internal land transport. Our services include but are not limited to the below.


  • Full agents for all vessels, tonnages calling all Egyptian ports.
  • Services for all types of vessels and cargo at all major Egyptian ports.
  • All types of general cargo vessels handling with high efficient staff in each port with daily monitoring of all Egyptian ports activities.
  • Bulk cargo vessels.
  • Tankers handling.
  • Heavy lifts and Project Cargo Handling.
  • Chartering and ship’s management operations.
  • Technical Surveys.
  • Crew Services .
  • Parcel Delivery.
  • Cash to Master.
  • Long experience with timber vessels, shippers and receivers mainly for timber imported from Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Handling over 2,000,000 CBM/Year (% of Egypt imports).
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Our Services

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Emco Service

Agency Services

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EMCO maintains relationships with chains of local clients and international shipping lines as well as an expansive network of offices by which it can service all Egyptian Ports and Terminals.

  • Tramp Agents
  • Port Agents
  • Vessel Chartering and Brokering
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Customs Clearance and Consulting
  • Tariff and commodity interpretation
  • Issuing needed Delivery orders to Receivers to proceed with their clearance and customs formalities
  • Delivery orders are issued upon receiving endorsed bills of ladings from receivers and after checking with line/carrier if there is any hold on the cargo from their side
  • Communicate with various relevant government authorities on client's behalf
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Our team at EMCO understands the importance of providing its principals with all the necessary activities regarding the vessel and its crew beyond the scope of cargo handling. The strategic location of our offices as well as our strong connections with goverment entities and external parties allowes us to provide our principal with the services below. ‚Äč



  • Crew Change
  • Cash to Master
  • Parcels
  • Provisions and Stores
  • Sludge and Garbage Disposal
  • Bunker and Fresh Water Supply
  • Surveys and Certificates
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Emco Service

Husbandry Matters Service

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Emco Service

Suez Canal Transit

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In 1998 privatization of agency new laws was put into force, so EMCO deposited letters of guarantee valued at over one million US Dollars to allow transiting vessels of Suez canal of all tonnages under EMCO agency.

Our experienced staff in Port Said and Suez have been in the Suez Canal Transit business for over 30 years monitoring the traffic situation 24 hours a day. This in return enables EMCO to keep its principals updated about general events, daily situation and to track their vessels at anchorage and during transit.

  • Suez Canal Convoy Guidelines
  • Operational Procedure
  • Financial Procedures
  • Crew Change
  • Spare Parts
  • Supply Chain
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